Exploring the family roots: Palakkad


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After having talked about Rama’s paternal heritage in Palakkad numerous times, and considering the famous landscape of neighboring Wayanad, Palakkad seemed like a worthy starting point for our Keralan tour. Palakkad is one of Kerala’s Northern districts and far less travelled than the mid and [...]

Leaving the safe haven: From Chennai to Palakkad


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Have you ever tried to book a ticket to anywhere during the Indian school vacation period? For those who are not aware of the herculean nature of this task, try to imagine buying a ticket for a world cup football final match between Germany and Brazil; that too just two days before the match. The [...]

Getting around


I decided to change my chronological narration towards a highlight and topic oriented approach – I simply can’t keep up with time. So, here are some lines on the public transportation in Gurgaon. You don’t get the German infrastructure here with the safe and comfortable [...]