Greece revisited. Part 1: Kastrosikia


Back to Greece, my father’s home, after many years. The last time I had been to Greece was before I went abroad and came back, before I started my own business and failed, before the end of my almost-marriage, before burying my idea to have kids, before the Greek financial crisis, before [...]

In love with Hong Kong


I was first in Hong Kong about a month ago, when I had to leave Bangkok yet again for a visa run – a routine I have had to follow monthly lately, not having a visa. And here I am again on a stopover on my way back to Europe. I am totally in love with this place, it has everything I currently [...]

The Caesarian Conspiracy


The (almost) futile quest for scientific facts about the “miracle” of birth Of the five friends whom I spoke with at some length about their first birth, every single one reported a birth “gone wrong”. Of the five, one had underestimated the birth pain, compared it to the feeling to be cut [...]

The relativists of Facebook


Before I share another travel report with you, I wish to make a rather sociological comment on what could be called philosophical positioning in the social realm. During the last couple of years of Facebook debates on numerous topics, I have noticed that – at least among my acquaintances [...]

Bangkok Shutdown on video


Living close to Asok junction, I have been witnessing the Bangkok Shutdown since its beginning, with many friends abroad asking me “how it is”. To share my daily experience of the protests, its blocked streets, street stalls and many concerts, I have visited three protest sites on [...]

The Cochin Melting Pot


With less than 50% Hindus, and as much as 30% Muslims and 20% Christians in addition to minority religions such as Jainism and Buddhism, Kerala is India’s most religiously mixed state, and the best place to notice this may be Cochin, where the different religions display their distinct tokens on [...]

Water palaces in Alleppey


Alleppey, or Alappuzha, town is not noteworthy, and hardly the “Venice of India” that it is sometimes called by people who have never seen Venice. The reason it is so popular is its strategic location in the middle of Kerala’s backwater area, which makes it the main entry point for boat [...]

Kannur Beach: The nothingness of authenticity


Kerala welcomed us quite differently than Goa – with a demonstration. Just like Goa had revealed one of its typical characteristics right at the start, the demonstration was typical for Kerala’s profile as India’s most political state. Having been under communistic ruling for more than 30 [...]