On the ground. Part 1: In the tropical house


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The very fact that I’m writing only on my third day shows that I’m experiencing quite a lot here. And again, I have only about 20 minutes to write a short post before I have to head to my next occupation. I’ll start at the beginning. After having had a good flight with a [...]

In Köln


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Am Montag bin ich an meinem Zwischenstop Köln angekommen, wo ich noch einmal meine Familie und Freunde sehe, bevor es in den Osten geht. Derzeit beschäftige ich mich viel mit Reiseführern und fachkundiger Literatur wie “Schnellkurs BWL” und “Arbeitsheft International [...]



Waiting is my primary occupation this week. Waiting for my official student documents, waiting for email confirmations, waiting for my visa, waiting for doctor’s appointments. It is raining outside and I wonder what the weather is like in Delhi at the moment. What people on [...]