Waiting is my primary occupation this week. Waiting for my official student documents, waiting for email confirmations, waiting for my visa, waiting for doctor’s appointments.

It is raining outside and I wonder what the weather is like in Delhi at the moment. What people on the campus are doing. Will I have a culture shock? Probably. Some films I saw online already managed to confuse me slightly. And when I replied to the chairperson of the programme, I did not know if “Asha” is a female or male first name (Google did not help). Normally the A at the end would indicate a female name…at least in Europe…however, my boyfriend’s name also ends with an a, so this logic did not help either. I bet on the male dominance in responsible positions and wrote “Dear Mr.”, risking to look like an ignorant westerner….:)

In 2008, I had been selected for the European Business School ESCP’s “Master in International Management” Programme, which was to be taught in two different countries. For my 7 month first semester, I had chosen their partner school “Management Development Institute” (MDI) in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi. Not having been to India before, and coming from a non-business background in humanities, it was an exciting time, which I documented on my blog.

3 Comments on Waiting…

  1. nicole // 07/07/2008 at 13:28 // Reply

    hallo anna, was haben wir nur gemacht, bevor es das internet und blogs gab. freue mich, dich auf deiner abenteurlichen reise nach/durch indien zu begleiten. ganz viel glueck und erfolg, Nicole

  2. Hi Anna,

    Rather a funny post…bt yea can understand ur feelings….same I went thru tho on a lesser scale cuz im frm here only…..

    Looking forward to meeting ya….@ MDI….

    BTW Asha is female…..and it means HOPE !!!!

    Cya….Ankit !!!

  3. publicminx // 29/10/2008 at 03:51 // Reply

    yap, you had to wait for several things going on …
    but as you can see now: it had finally worked all the same …

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