Überlebenstraining auf Amorgos


Amorgos hat es mal wieder geschafft, mich durch seine Unbezwingbarkeit zu fesseln. (Hier fällt mir eine gewisse Parallele zu meinem Männergeschmack ein, hierzu vielleicht einmal an anderer Stelle). Ich war schon zwei Mal auf Amorgos, der kykladischen Insel die wegen ihrer hohen Berge als [...]

Greece revisited. Part 4: Salt Lake City


You are wondering why I am continuing the series after a month, already back in Germany? The next story will tell you. After we left Kastrosikia and Ammotopos behind us, we continued our road trip down South towards Athens, with a one night stop at two old friends’ house in Missolonghi. Leros [...]

Greece revisited. Part 1: Kastrosikia


Back to Greece, my father’s home, after many years. The last time I had been to Greece was before I went abroad and came back, before I started my own business and failed, before the end of my almost-marriage, before burying my idea to have kids, before the Greek financial crisis, before [...]