In meinem letzten Beitrag erzählte ich ja vom Personalberater, der mich über die besondere Marketingkompetenz der Thais aufklärte. In der Annahme, dass er mit Marketing wieder einmal bloß Werbung meinte, habe ich diese daraufhin mal etwas näher betrachtet. Ich möchte im Folgenden ein paar Auszüge aus Zeitschriften und Websites für sich sprechen lassen:

“Before the aeroplane was invented, people flew on winged horses and in daydreams. Today’s Groupon returns to simpler times by travelling on road for a Deluxe Pool Villa stay for two at Asara Villa & Suite Hotel.”

“If the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, then the face and the body are the living areas and parking lots.”

“Mastery of Excel is a mixture of art and science, like when a child creates a finger-paint mural on the kitchen wall with household cleaning supplies. Craft a more mature income with expert online courses in Microsoft Excel for business.”

“Hidden gifts are most often discovered in the shower, during talent shows, and when reaching for lost items in a narrow nook. Today’s Groupon increases flexibility and chances at talent shows with yoga sessions at Yoga 101.”

“If one premise states that beauty is only skin deep, while a second premise state that facial is skin deep, the logical conclusion is that beauty is facial.”

“While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one cannot always trust the judgment of the short-sighted or that of a fairytale book cover.”

Mir ist jetzt klar – hier habe ich noch einiges zu lernen.

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