Recharging in civilization: Ernakulam

After having spent approximately 30 hours travelling from one place to the next within the last week, we decided to take a two nights break in Ernakulam before departing for yet another lengthy bus trip to Munnar. Ernakulam is the big brother of neighboring tourist destination Cochin and does not have much to offer from a tourist perspective. However, we were happy enough about the normalcy provided by the infrastructure and shops of the city and the amenities of our anonymous hotel. Except for some shopping of tribal art and doorknobs for our fictitious apartment, enjoying the food in the cavernous hotel restaurant, and watching E.T. in our room, we did not do much there. Knowing what bumpy and curvy bus ride was awaiting us, we fully enjoyed our passivity and were fully charged for a new adventure two days after.

Exploring our favourite Indian state Kerala, my boyfriend and me travelled from Chennai to Palakkad, Kalpetta, Kannur, Ernakulam, Munnar and Alleppey in April and May of 2012 and wrote this travel documentary on the way.

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