I am sitting in a café called Panama Hotel Tea House adjacent to the hotel with the same name – a historic house previously occupied by Japanese. I don’t know the details, but this entire district is called Asia town and there are black and white pictures on the wall showing Asians [...]

Greece revisited. Part 5: Looters in Athens


The title is certainly not giving the city justice, with its charming old town, historic sites, faboulous market streets and great restaurants, and the many different neighbourhoods it has to offer. Sadly though, the highlight of our stay in Athens was not the city, but what happened right on the [...]

Greece revisited. Part 4: Salt Lake City


You are wondering why I am continuing the series after a month, already back in Germany? The next story will tell you. After we left Kastrosikia and Ammotopos behind us, we continued our road trip down South towards Athens, with a one night stop at two old friends’ house in Missolonghi. Leros [...]

Greece revisited. Part 3: Meeting the family


By the time we reached my uncle’s house we had already stopped by or greeted a couple of my father’s friends or distant relatives on the way and had had a small lunch at my great uncle Christos’ place, who by 12 was already drunk and insisted on serving us some Tiropita and [...]

Greece revisited. Part 1: Kastrosikia


Back to Greece, my father’s home, after many years. The last time I had been to Greece was before I went abroad and came back, before I started my own business and failed, before the end of my almost-marriage, before burying my idea to have kids, before the Greek financial crisis, before [...]

Kathmandu Express


Ohne die Grenzen Kathmandus gen Himalaya verlassen zu haben, kann man sich nur schwerlich qualifiziert über Nepal äußern, das nahezu alle Touristen doch wegen seiner Gebirge, und nicht wegen seiner Hauptstadt anlockt. Mir standen jedoch nur wenige Tage zur Verfügung, und so mussten sich meine [...]

Praxistest: Leben “im Einklang mit der Natur”


Kerala ist ein Ort, der dem städtisch-virtuellen Traum vom Leben im “Einklang mit der Natur” recht nahe kommt. Schon morgens weckt einen das Vogelgezwitscher und die meckerne Ziege. Schweißgebadet steht man auf, denn der Ventilator ist wegen eines Stromausfalles ausgefallen. Dann [...]

The Cochin Melting Pot


With less than 50% Hindus, and as much as 30% Muslims and 20% Christians in addition to minority religions such as Jainism and Buddhism, Kerala is India’s most religiously mixed state, and the best place to notice this may be Cochin, where the different religions display their distinct tokens on [...]